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After you streamline your inventory process, it’s important to monitor its performance. Run detailed reports with just a click to see your bestselling items, most valuable customers, or packing efficiency, so you can make quick, informed decisions every time. Identifying every item or batch with a unique code while you are adding it allows you to trace its movement and expiration date at any time. When you’re creating a sales order, invoice, or item adjustment, you can scan items with a barcode scanner to auto-fill their individual codes.

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On this app it doesn’t give you nearly the same tools or options the online browser does. I have an iPad and its easier to just go on safari to the website. For every sales order created in Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory keeps tab on every step of the process. By following your order from confirmation to shipping, Inventory makes sure you can deliver on time.

Zoho Inventory is an advanced inventory and order management software that lets you centralize your inventory system and automate your business’ entire order-to-cash process. With Zoho Books’ integration with Zoho Inventory, we’ve taken a step toward making inventory and order management easier for our customers. Payments have not been opened up for users in the EU yet. However, you can mail us at  to continue with the purchase. When you sign up for Zoho Inventory, you’ll be redirected to the organization details page where you’ll need to enter basic information about your business. Grouping items that share common attributes allows them to be analyzed and tracked efficiently.

What is Zoho Inventory?

Managing stocks and returns across the multiple warehouses has been easier than expected. The support team is extremely responsive and being a business owner this sort of communication is important. Our stock management system has become much better after zoho inventory login using Zoho Inventory. We also switched to Zoho Books for our accounting management for its seamless integration with Zoho Inventory. Get detailed insights into the valuation and worth of your inventory anytime, with the help of Zoho Inventory reports.

Get useful tips and trick to make your inventory management better. Entering item and customer information repeatedly while creating a sales order or invoice is always frustrating. Zoho Inventory captures all of the sale information at once, eliminating double data entry and enabling comprehensive reporting. Zoho Inventory helped us to improve our inventory capabilities and customizations. The integration with other apps in the Zoho Ecosystem made data sharing easier, and the implementation process was fast and comprehensive. Fulfill orders through different sales channels, right from Zoho Inventory.

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