You will be scared and horrified to witness the countless ticks all over this poor homeless dog and luckily a miracle happened. Qynh

This abandoned dog was discovered in South Africa and brought to Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), an animal welfare organization offering veterinary care. The bumps and marks visible on the dog’s head, eyes, and ears are all ticks.

There are numerous ticks present on the dog, and it’s unclear why it has been infested to such an extent.

The dog was diagnosed with tick fever. CLAW shared photos of the dog, who has since been named Belle, on their Facebook page. Treating a dog with such a high tick burden poses challenges as there is no immediate remedy. The ticks will have to naturally detach from the dog over time.

If attempts are made to remove the ticks, it could result in excessive bleeding for Belle. The previous owners of Belle will be held accountable for her current state. The following morning after being discovered, Belle exhibited improvement in both her physical condition and overall well-being, with a few ticks having already detached naturally.

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