Years Of Abuse Couldn’t Be Undone, But This Pup Got The Best Ending To His Tragic Story

This beautiful dog, named Lemur, had suffered years of abuse. Unkind people failed to recognize that animals, like humans, suffer in the same way. Lemur only wanted to be loved and live the life that a dog deserves, which included lots of playtime, treats, and affection.

By the time Lemur was rescued, so much damage had been done but rescuers didn’t give up on him.

Even when he was saved, then passed over on adoption day, his foster mom still had hope that he would find his forever family.

THEN… he did! The perfect family, with a beautiful home and other Whippet siblings to play. Everything was looking up! Lemur became a real dog.

He didn’t have to worry about being fed or cared for! The hands that touched him were only filled with love and kindness. LOVE, only for him!

But then a month later, his health began to decline at a rapid pace. The abuse he suffered was simply too much for him. The damage had already been done, and it was too late to reverse it. But he passed in his human’s arms, filled by so much love and appreciation.

His human was so grateful that Lemur had come into their lives, even if it was only for a short time and went by too quickly.

As Lemur crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he did so with love and dignity, remembering only that month filled with happiness, kindness and love

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