With deep sadness in her eyes, this dog is grateful for having received a chance to live

A dog with a tired look and a languid face has a new chance to be happy, after being rescued in the most extreme conditions by a group of animal protectionists.

This little girl is the living portrait of thousands of puppies who suffer the misfortune of living on the streets, although they deserve the best, there are many who share a story similar to that of this furry one. The dog was found by good samaritans, while wandering the streets of the municipality of Lota in Chile.

The day the Patitas Sin Hogar volunteers found her, she had deep sadness in her eyes. Princess Leia, as they decided to call her, carried in her heart all the contempt she had suffered in the streets and her body was the reflection of the hardships she had suffered.

The little girl did not have any shelter or someone with a good heart to at least feed her from time to time, so her rescuers acted immediately. She was taken to a vet to check on her health, but more importantly, she was invited to trust humans again.

Refugio Patitas Sin Hogar was in charge of treating and relocating Princess Leia in a temporary home.

“Leia, rescued from Lota, is already undergoing treatment. She applied Nexgard (flea and tick protection) and drops for an infection in her eyes. She is eating premium food and will be hospitalized until Wednesday, because she will receive a sanitary bath before leaving for her temporary home, ”the shelter wrote on her Facebook.

The case of this dog is quite sensitive for the shelter volunteers, since they had been looking for her for a long time.

Leia was a stray dog ​​who belonged to a community and was known as the Viejita de Lota and, although she had no owner, all the neighbors took care of her. However, one fine day she was no longer seen around the place and it was there when Patitas Sin Hogar Shelter learned her story.

The neighbors wanted the furry to appear, so they sought help by going to the protectionist group. When the volunteers found her they swore they would never lose her again.

“We looked for you so much, we thought that you had not already achieved it. For all the gold in the world, we are not going to lose you again, Princess Leia. Welcome to Patitas Sin Hogar Shelter,” they wrote.

No one knows what this elderly dog ​​must have gone through during the time she was away from the community that normally cared for her, but now it’s her turn to write a better story.

“She is fearful, but even so she has intentions to love and that makes us happy. Now all together we will witness her rebirth Of her. Thank you for allowing it! And place your constant trust in our team”, the foundation stated.

Princess Leia has left the streets to become the darling of a family, share her story and send all your blessings to this furry little girl.

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