When This Dog’s Owners Drove Off Without Him, One Man Came To The Rescue

A female cyclist in Itabira, Brazil captured a heartbreaking scene on video during her bike ride: a truck pulled over, shoved a dog out the door, and the bewildered pup jumped up on the side of the car, trying to get back in.

As the heartless person drove away, the dog chased the car until it was out of sight, confused as to why his owner would want to leave without him, and clearly unsure of what to do next.

The cyclist called the police and posted the video online. But by the time the cops arrived on the scene, the dog was lost in the unfamiliar territory.

The video, however, began to circulate. Although people were outraged, one selfless man decided to channel his energy into finding the dog that desperately needed a home.

This good Samaritan searched diligently for the rejected dog for two days. His persistence paid off; he finally found the pooch, and took him home!

Just look at how much he is loved by his new family:

This is the face of a happy dog! Thanks to the wonderful family who saved this sweet boy.

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