Tough dad gets emotional when family surprises him with German Shepherd puppy

A man immediately fell in love with his new puppy. And his emotional reaction to meeting her had us reaching for the tissues.

Dads love to pretend they don’t want pets. And yet, there are hashtags and subreddits devoted to their unabiding love for the pets that overrule their “wishes.”

But we get it, thinking ahead to the work that must be done is a practical response. It just doesn’t override the joy one gets from a furry friend.

Tough on the outside
So-called “tough guys” are the most susceptible to this turnaround. After all, what they end up with is something silent, generally obedient, and adoring. They don’t have to share feelings, just a couch.

That’s why we weren’t surprised at all to see one dad melt before our very eyes when he met the family’s new puppy.

But be prepared to possibly shed a tear over this one because it’s just too darn sweet.

No, you didn’t

As the video begins, dad is pacing. All we know is that his wife is approaching with a box for him and his son Chad is on the phone to watch his reaction as he opens it.

If you listen closely, there’s a reference by Chad to the couple recently losing their dog, Trixie. So you know this moment is about to get emotional.

Nothing can ever replace a pet – and yet we move on and allow new ones into our hearts.

So when dad opens the box and says “oh no, you didn’t,” we know he’s not mad.

All the tears

For a split second, one might wonder how this is going to go. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but dad doesn’t immediately strike us as the cuddly type.

Alas, we were wrong in our assumption. When he looks in the box to see a tiny purebred German Shepherd, any tough facade immediately breaks into a million pieces as all of his feelings come flooding out.

First, there’s the sheer cuteness of a German Shepherd puppy to contend with. Have you seen these things? They’re the very embodiment of the word “adorable.”

Then, there’s the realization that she’s his. Her name is Piper and anyone who has ever had the good fortune to lift a puppy out of a box knowing it belongs to them knows that Piper is about to get some snuggles.

Not only that, but we hope she’s absorbent – because dad breaks down in tears.

It’s ok to cry

There’s something so genuine about the moment and so deep about the emotion he shows that it’s hard to keep your composure while watching the video.

What can we say? It’s hard to see a grown man cry!

But cry he does and as his wife says goodbye to Chad, dad cradles the puppy like it’s his very own flesh-and-blood newborn (and one he doesn’t have to pay to send to college!

We’re also impressed with the dog. It’s got a blanket that may be keeping it from fleeing the stranger weeping all over it, but there’s just as good a chance that she’s lapping up the love.

Piper stays still enough for her new dad to give her a tearful and thorough welcome to the family.

It’s clear she’s going to be loved and adored and treated well – and what more could we ask for?

Be sure to scroll down below to see the emotional moment for yourself.
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