Touching story of Syrian refugee boy showing compassion to poor homeless dog in need. Qynh

Hüseyin el-Hasan, an 8-year-old boy, has faced multiple obstacles due to the Syrian war. He is currently taking shelter in Kilis, Turkey, and despite his struggles, he has shown remarkable compassion. When he stumbled upon a stray puppy that was hit by a car, Hüseyin did not hesitate to help. Though he could have easily turned a blind eye, he chose to assist the injured animal. He carefully moved the puppy to a safe spot on the side of the road and comforted him until help arrived. In a heartwarming gesture, Hüseyin even fetched a blanket from his own home to keep the puppy warm.

Finally, rescuers reached the spot where the boy was and took the pooch to the medical facility, but unfortunately, he didn’t survive.

Hüseyin was feeling really upset after discovering that the dog had passed away. Nonetheless, his benevolent actions and kind-heartedness were not overlooked. As a result, the deputy mayor of the city, Cuma zdemir, made it a point to personally express his gratitude for the heroic acts of Hüseyin.

As per zdemir’s statement, Hüseyin’s behavior might have caught some people off guard, but it showcases the best of humanity.

Hüseyin received brand new blankets as a gesture of gratitude and to substitute the one he willingly provided to the canine.

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