Tired Of His Dog With End-Stage Cancer, The Owner Abandoned Her To Live On The Street

A student called Happy Animals Club about a dog with a large tumor wandering on street, so they quickly went to take a look.

It’s an elderly female and the tumor really is big, impeding her ability to walk. They first called her Gertrude, or Trudy for short.

Trudy resisted arrest but calmed down once they gave her some food. She must have been starving for a long time. She looked very tired and sad, the tumor took all her strength.

Trudy was wearing a collar made of rope with sections of a garden hose attached to prevent chafing. Whoever cared for her seems to be someone loving but of little means

Trudy got a walkie before her trip to a clinic. A clinic examined her and found that her giant tumor extends up and down her mammary glands. They also found another tumor in her right axilla.

Gertrude has been scheduled for surgery in the next day. There’s more bad news. her blood work is much worse than expected. This means that the surgery comes with considerable risk. But not doing anything is an even bigger risk. Trudy needs this operation to have any chance of survival

Having just had major surgery, Trudy is too weak to eat, so we syringe-fed her a can of slurry. thankfully, she cooperated. Unfortunately the surgeons ascertained that the tumors have already spread to other parts of her body. She doesn’t have long to live

Trudy has 41 stitches. They made a full mastectomy and Trudy broke all records for the number of stitches received. Trudy stopped eating, so they got a sample of her blood and had it tested.

Doctors expected a resurgent infection but there was none. instead the result showed that her red blood cell count is almost zero. Trudy has thin veins deep under her skin and the blood sample they managed to extract was very small.

For the meantime they put her on steroids and syringe-fed her slurry even though she wasn’t happy about it. Trudy always does a great job taking her medicine. her stitches came out several days ago. the incision healed nicely.

“There were times we wondered if it was the right decision to make a terminal dog undergo extensive surgery” Said her doctor

It absolutely was. Trudy may have tumors all over but she doesn’t show it. she is happy, active, eating a lot, and loving life.

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