Tiny Sick Dog Lying in the Leaves Almost Gave Up Hope

The tiny dog was sick, alone and lying helplessly in the bushes in a rural area of Greece when a woman walking her dog noticed him.

She posted a photo of him to Facebook and the dog’s plight came to the attention of DAR Animal Rescue, who responded immediately.

Ermioni could tell immediately that the dog was very sick. She tried not to scare him, but he was stuck in a difficult place to reach. Thorns were everywhere and the pup was covered in them too.

As soon as he got to the vet, Giannis was diagnosed with a lot of health problems, one of them being he was blind in one eye. He tested positive to Leishmania, heartworm, low blood pressure and more. “It was a miracle that he survived, helpless on the streets,” writes DAR.

On top of it all, in the middle of Giannis’ recovery DAR’s shelter flooded! Thankfully, the weather got better and Giannis’s treatment went well. They managed to save his eye and a kind couple offered to adopt him! Says DAR Animal Rescue, “Giannis today has the chance to enjoy a wonderful life and continue his treatment under the care of his new family.”

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