Tied to a tree, thrown by the vile hands of the one responsible for him on a vacant lot

Despite the fact that today there are many contributions that awareness campaigns in favor of animal rights have given to societies, unfortunately, unworthy acts continue to occur against these weaker and more vulnerable beings.

Tomás is a puppy, that just by seeing him, sadness and desolation overwhelms us. A bloody pain of several days was reflected in his eyes, produced by the fracture of one of his legs. Tied to a tree, thrown by the vile hands of the one responsible for him on a vacant lot in Argentina.

The events occurred in the town of San Antonio, a fishing city in the southernmost country on the American continent. But, they happen everywhere, and that’s what we have to focus on.

Unfortunately, the innocent Tomás had to understand forcefully and in the worst way, that the same people for whom he would have given his life, turned their backs on him and unexpectedly betrayed him .

Unable to move, her life seemed to fade, until the situation reached the ears of Analía Quispe , a rescuer from the Friends of the Animal Association, just at the moment when she was in the process of feeding her 160 rescued specimens.

The woman heard the dogs barking, and when she went out to see what was happening, she ran into that sad canine figure that broke her heart into a thousand pieces. She was lucky to find him, since the furry one was in a place where few people circulate .

According to some neighbors, a man appeared on the site with the dog and tied it up , without further ado. It is said that he arrived aboard a van, which he then got into and drove away.

But, before he fled, several residents were able to confront him about his ignoble deed. The most preposterous was the excuse of the subject, who assured that he did not have the means to heal his broken leg , much less the time to do so. So how to read.

“I didn’t have how to make him heal, nor time to take care of him,” said that man, without caring about anything else.

Analía, in her eagerness to save his life, took the wounded canine in her arms and moved him to her shelter for pets. Later, she took him to the vet, where the fracture was found, in addition to a severe infection.

“This brave little dog must continue to take antibiotics and urgently undergo surgery. In addition, receive treatment to prevent the amputation of one of his front legs, “the rescuer wrote in a publication for those who want to help.

You will have to return to medical control again. Several phone numbers have already been made available to make donations. Despite everything he has experienced, the canine is very happy and grateful for so much love and pampering that he has received , and that have helped him leave behind that dark past. Once recovered he will be able to have a real home.

Share this story with friends. Today, Tomás waits for his full recovery, but he is a much loved pet, who should never go through anything like this again.

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