This Poor Dog Learned to Talk to People with her Eyes, But it is so Sad!

When he saw the people who saved him, he used his last bit of strength to wag his tail to say thank you.

When ONG Paraso dos Focinhos heard about this dog on January 15, early in the morning, they were completely shocked.

This poor dog was found by a woman on her way to work. It might have been left there for a while because it could not stand up, eat the food she gave it, or understand what was going on.

The kind woman could not get the sick dog to her office, so she took a few pictures, made a short video, and sent it to ONG Paraso dos Focinhos.

Before she left, she also put her blanket over it. The dog’s tail wagged as if to beg her not to leave him.

As soon as they could, the rescue team went there. The poor dog was in a lot of pain and had lost all of its fluids.

They tested his blood to find out if he had synopsis. He needs a blood transfusion because he could not eat enough.

The brave boy gained 4 pounds in just a few days, but he still could not stand up and walk right.

They named her Dega, and by day 7 she was getting hungry.

After 3 weeks, Dega’s leg was much stronger, but it was still very thin and he could not run right.

After 3 months, they found her again. She is changed a lot, and it is time to see the person who saved her.

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