This Dog Refuses to Leave Owner’s Side in Emergency Room.

There’s never a bad word said about a dog, is there? Well, unless it shits on the lawn outside. But all in all, they’re pretty awesome epic creatures.

When one man in Chimbote, Peru, fell and .hi.t his head, his faithful friends never left his side. After the emergency response unit arrived, the dog immediately boarded the ambulance as it waited for its owner to be carried in. They licked his face as he was laying while getting treatment, always making sure that he was comfortable. When the ambulance got to the hospital, they even followed his stretcher inside.

The dogs were waiting patiently next to their human for an ambulance to arrive. Once it did, the animals just hopped right into the vehicle with him.
Hospital staff ultimately kept the dog in the building, with a security guard taking care of the canine while its owner recovers.

“Normally it’s not allowed [for dogs to ride in ambulance],” nurse Yu Jingjing said. “But considering dog owners regard their pets as family members and the woman’s family or friends couldn’t be contacted, we didn’t have the heart to just leave it there.”

The patient then shouted for her dog to come after she was given the all-clear by the medical staff. Daqing People’s Hospital’s head nurse Zhang Jihong realized that they made the right decision in allowing the dog to remain inside the hospital.

“When we saw the patient hug the dog as soon as she woke up we knew we did right bringing it along,” she said.

A hospital intern later posted a photo of the canines and their human with the caption, “Example of loyalty… the patients of the day.”

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