Thin Neglected Dog Was Exhausted, Coma, Lying Motionless on The Front Porch Begging every Passerby To Help In Vain

An accident happened while he was looking for his mother. this puppy was abandoned when his hind legs were completely paralyzed. His owner had mercilessly abandoned him on the roadside. He was moving by his knees and it was very difficult.

He was begging passersby to help him, but they were passing in front of him as if he was not there. so stop, until a good samaritan saw barking in pain, he moved and heartbroken when he saw him and decided to took him to the nearest Vet Clinic.

“We infused sea water for him, we helped him gain strength. We gave him a snack, but he ate very little. he was in hard condition and he need a surgery.” Said the Vet

After the surgery the poor puppy gradually began to recover and move more easily. He will stay in Vet for a long time. After he will be taken to the shelter to continue to take care of.

Almost a month later, the puppy has made positive changes, however he will continue to stay at Vet for treatment. His health was healing day by day.

Watch the rescue video below:

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