They find a dog buried alive on the side of the road, but he fights to the end

The acts of evil of despicable beings who have a stone for a heart, make us deny human nature. When we think we have heard everything, a new event comes to destroy our soul completely.

It was the shocking scene found by a couple of young people in Misiones, Argentina.

A poor little dog who loved his ruthless owners with all his strength, had been buried alive on the side of the road. The events took place at kilometer 4 of the city of El Dorado, in the San Antonio neighborhood.

Immediately, the outraged young people ran to look for shovels to free the little animal that was fighting for its life.

The little dog had a deep look of bewilderment and relief at the same time . He was grateful for the friendly hands, but at the same time he didn’t understand why his people had left him there to die.

Like why would they leave me buried here? What have I done to them?

She could barely show her little head looking at them with pleading eyes, without understanding anything . His breath gasped, while his body remained underground and his little legs could barely move.

This is the heartbreaking moment the puppy is found struggling to live:

“They buried a dog alive, poor thing,” the young people who found him are heard saying, unable to believe what they saw.

When they finally managed to free him, he did something that left them speechless. The puppy ran off to his old home, one of his rescuers followed him and there he learned that he was called Homer.

The young man did not hesitate to rebuke the owners , since he was sure that they were the only ones to blame. But unfortunately, they did nothing but ignore their cruelty to him and had the audacity to pretend they didn’t even know the little animal.

Poor Homer, rejection after rejection!

Outraged neighbors made the corresponding complaint and the authorities of the Zoonosis Directorate intervened so that a veterinarian assisted Homer, who had serious injuries.

“He has lost almost all of his right auricle and the left one has a fairly deep infection, so we are evaluating Homer’s hearing and will continue with the evaluations as he recovers,” the veterinarian reported.

When Homer manages to recover from his injuries, the good news is that he will be put up for adoption.

We cannot imagine how someone who was supposed to give his pet all his love becomes his potential murderer. They have no forgiveness!

We are glad that Homer will never again be in the hands of those heartless people and will finally know what it means to be reciprocated in love. He Shares this news to raise his voice and for justice to be done!

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