They Adopt The Aʙᴀɴᴅoɴᴇᴅ Dog Who, Looking For Love, Fell Asleep In A Manger on The Street

A stray puppy who became the protagonist of one of the most sensitive and moving stories of last Christmas , could not imagine how her destiny would change, writes fancy4work

Apparently, the poor dog was ᴀʙᴀɴᴅoɴᴇᴅ by her family, and after wandering the streets she found the perfect refuge in the crib of the Bethlehem installed in one of the squares of Inhuma, in piauí, Brazil.

In the absence of the Child Jesus, the sweet dog decided to take his place to rest

While the scene full of tenderness, innocence and peace took place in one of the many Nativity scenes in the world, the stars came together for Nádia Rosângella to pass by at that precise moment.

It was then that she approached and fate gave her one of the most beautiful images of her life: the dog finding comfort and warmth in the best place she could choose.

“When we went to see the crib, she was sleeping in the manger. For me, a Christian, it was very significant. I was moved to imagine Jesus Christ present in so many things, in so many creatures, in so many beings. To me, that puppy was Jesus making himself present, ” said the emotional woman.

“I was very surprised… It was such a beautiful and pure scene!… She slept wonderfully; She never opened an eye or moved, “added Nádia.

The woman, unable to take the pup home because she already had other dogs and cats, decided to take some photos and spread them on socιᴀʟ мᴇᴅιᴀ, hoping her animal-loving friends would give her a hom

His publication did not take long to go viral, and it was not for less. Who can not be moved by such an image? So the next day, the puppy’s luck changed forever.

The little puppy who moved the whole world with her cunning and sweetness, was immediately picked up by some of Nádia’s friends, who found her on the tracks near the manger. Later, she was taken to her new family.

In addition, they made sure to take her to the vet to confirm that everything was fine, as it should be. And to close with a flourish, she was baptized with her perfect name according to the moment and the circumstances in which she was rescued.

They called her Jesus

Nádia confessed to feeling very happy and at peace, knowing that she is safe. And as if that were not enough, not everything was there. While looking for the dog, the woman’s friends found another dog wandering the street, they believe to be her sister, and another friend of hers also adopted her.

Jesus’ sister also fulfilled her dream

It is really moving to think that without looking for it, Jesus starred in one of the most palpable scenes in the most beautiful time of the year, giving us a message of hope, tenderness and compassion, which moves more than one.

Do not leave without sharing the beautiful ending of this story that continues to captivate so many on the networks.

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