There was a poor dog who was unfortunately stuck for a few days under an iron door and was badly injured in his front legs, unable to move. Hu

Ryzhik, a baby fox, was trapped while looking for food. Some people offered to finish him off, but a girl intervened and called for help. Zooza, a volunteer, came to rescue the scared and injured fox. Ryzhik had been trapped for a few days and had badly injured his two front legs. The wounds had stopped bleeding but started rotting.

Zooza moved Ryzhik to the clinic and cleaned his legs with spermicidal lube. They also put him in the sterilization room before the next surgery. Despite being a fox, Ryzhik’s friendly behavior impressed the rescuers. He was hungry and ate all the food they gave him. They named him Ryzhik and started his treatment with anti-shock therapy after a blood transfusion.

With his front legs now unusable, Ryzhik moved like a kangaroo. The veterinarians performed another surgery to remove the remnants of his tail and crushed fingers on one of his hind legs. The next day, they did a complete blood count to control his hematocrit.

Ryzhik came out of anesthesia and started eating and drinking on his own. He was growing fast and needed to move to properly develop his muscular system. He loved moving outside for the first time and behaved like a puppy.

The rescue and rehabilitation of Ryzhik showed that it doesn’t matter who you are – whether you are a cat, a dog, a bunny, a hamster, or a fox – no one should be left to suffer. The kindness of the girl who called for help, and the dedication of the veterinarians and volunteers, saved Ryzhik’s life and gave him a chance for a better future.

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