The story of survival and hope of a resilient puppy abandoned in starvation and disease leaves everyone in awe. Qynh

Yaska, a little puppy who had suffered so much since birth, had finally found hope thanks to the kindheartedness of a rescue organization. She was discovered in an abandoned garage, alone and malnourished. Her body was swollen with worms and she had lost an eye somewhere, with pus flowing from the eye socket. Her skin condition was severe, with bald patches and scabies mites, flea dermatitis, and a bacterial skin infection.

Despite all of this, Yaska remained cheerful and active. She was taken to the hospital for testing and ultrasound of the entire body, and after discovering her condition, treatment began. Her eye was removed, and she was treated for scabies mites, flea dermatitis, and a bacterial skin infection. The treatment took time but was necessary to heal her.

The rescue organization provided her with everything she needed, including bathing, rubbing, and drops to treat her skin and daily wiping with a solution of chlorhexidine. After only two weeks, the results were excellent, and she no longer itched or tore herself apart. She was covered in fresh bristles and fluff, and her fur grew quickly.

Yaska was now living in a foster house where she was showered with love and affection. Her eye needed to be completely removed, but due to her small size, anesthesia was not an option. She would need to wait for six months before the remnants of her eye could be removed and sewn up.

Despite all the hardships she had endured, Yaska had finally found the unconditional love she deserved. She was now a completely charming dog, and even without an eye, she was beautiful both inside and out. She had a bright future ahead of her, thanks to the dedication of her caretakers and the resilience she had shown throughout her difficult start to life.

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