The story of a soldier who cried a lot. The day I lost my most beloved dog. Never coming back

The sad story of a soldier who lost his beloved dog and will never be able to return it. They have their days and times in both war and peace. Let’s go read one of the most touching stories.

Kyle Smith and his dog, Bodza, were both long-time residents of the US military. And both of them had served missions in the war that lasted for half a year.

Since 2006, Bodza has served with the US Air Force in various wars. It performs its duties as a landmine detection dog. and has also helped one soldier escape from a bomb.

Smith wasn’t initially paired with Bodza, and it wasn’t until 2012 that they came to care for each other. And it seems like the chemistry between the two is very similar. Make their relationship leap forward Until we were extremely close.

It’s not just work that Smith and Bodza spend time together. They also have a kennel where they go to play all the time. Bodza is a very gentle dog.

Bodza likes to bark at his shadow, which Smith sometimes pretends to use like a rabbit. Until it thought there really were rabbits.

When Bodza retired, Smith brought him home. And it really stuck with the boss. And he says goodnight to him every night.

In the summer of 2016, Bodza was diagnosed with myelopathy, a degenerative disease of the spinal cord. which cannot be cured And it affects the nerves in the spinal cord. causing severe pain

Bodza’s limbs were barely usable. He could hardly walk anymore. He spent the whole day sleeping. Because it really couldn’t move anywhere.

Smith and nine fellow soldiers were taken to the Fort Bliss Vet clinic for treatment. It was a day when Bodza could no longer tolerate his disease. He and his friends put down blankets to help him sleep as comfortably as possible.

Smith picked up Bodza and laid him down with one last frantic hug. When Bodza passed away, Smith’s life was shattered. But luckily, he had many soldier friends. who always understood and encouraged him

Smith cried like a child for a long time. And all his fellow soldiers let him cry but gently patted his shoulder. to show encouragement and still stay by his side

Bodza was given a royal funeral like a military officer. And in the end, it probably hopes that Smith can overcome this sadness quickly.

After his death, Smith kept Bodza’s ashes at home, along with a photograph that will always serve as a reminder. To my four-legged friend who he will never forget forever.

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