The poor dog was in a state of thousands of pounds hanging by a hair when it got stuck in the drain and almost couldn’t breathe anymore . Hu.

Puppies are quite intelligent creatures, able to sense their moods and find ways to help their owners. However, sometimes they get into some trouble that they can’t get out of and like small children, they need adult help to get out of trouble.

This isn’t news to anyone, but concern becomes latent when, due to some error, their life is in obvious danger.

Authorities still don’t know how to explain it or if someone evil is somehow involved, but this puppy had quite a bit of trouble getting stuck in the drain.

The animal was stuck in the drain and there was no way for it to get out on its own.

Fortunately, a resident saw and decided to seek the help of experts, which is the San Bernardino  County  Fire Department ,  California ,  USA .

Rescuers were immediately on hand to deal with the emergency, along with members of the Department of Animal Control.

Upon arriving at the scene, they could only see the muzzle of the dog peeking out of the sewer, its body was not visible, so they did not know its physical state.

In the first instance, they tried to find out where the dog had entered to see if they would make it come out that same way, but this was impossible.

“The  dog  had gained access through a  storm drain  and eventually came to a small cul-de-sac. Attempts to get the dog back  were unsuccessful ,” he said.

There was no more time to waste, so the firefighters had no choice but to break up the concrete and free the drain dog. To do this, rescuers used “saws, concrete cutters, jack hammers and other hand tools,” according to the fire department.

After hours of work, the effort had its results and this mischievous husky was released without any type of apparent injury, but he was scared. Thanks to a chip, Animal Control was able to locate the owner of the dog who was unaware of the big trouble his pet had gotten into.

“After about two hours the  dog was rescued. Animal Services staff evaluated him and he appeared to be uninjured.  Animal Control personnel  located the owner to arrange their  pick up from him. Late in the afternoon  Gray  (the  5-year-old husky  ) met with his owner ”, he finished.

Puppies need continuous vigilance, because despite being very intelligent they often get into trouble. Please keep an eye on them and be a responsible owner, this little incident could have claimed Gray’s life and his human dad would never have found out what happened.

The dog was fine thanks to the quick action of the good Samaritans, share his story and give these firefighters a well-deserved round of applause. These are the people the world needs!

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