The internet was enthralled by a video where a dog harmonizes with its owner, evoking a tidal wave of emotions.nh

They say that a dog is man’s friend. These beautiful and intelligent animals serve people faithfully, performing various tasks, rescue operations and security measures. In addition, they are truly beloved family members and companions for many.

Duet performance

For example, Chris Peterson’s dog often accompanies him on trips, sitting next to him in the car.

Of course, a long journey can be quite boring for both humans and animals. Therefore, for entertainment, the owner plays recordings of various songs for them. One of them is Look At You Girl, performed by Chris LeDoux.

The dog liked this composition so much that he periodically sings along to the melody. At one of these moments, Chris decided to record it on video.

As a result, people on the Internet really liked the video, and the charm of the four-legged singer won their hearts.

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