The Homeless Man Hugged The Dog And Asked At Least Someone To Give The Dog A Second Chance

One cold winter night, Jeninе was going about her business when she suddenly saw a man sitting right on the ground. He was hugging the dog tightly which touched woman’s heart. Jenine asked if he needed any help. And then he asked her to do an heart-warming thing for him.

This homeless man’s name is Herbert. He once had a home and a job, but he lost everything when he got sick. He underwent a complex heart operation, after which he became disabled, and soon doctors found him with terminal cancer. Herbert, who was in bad condition, fell into the streets after he was seen by many as a useless person.

When he met Janine, he had no more than a month to live. The man was very afraid that the dog would live in harsh conditions on the street and be alone as he lived. At that time, Malyk (his pit bull) was only 10 months old. Herbert saved his life by heroically taking it away from a man who was beating a puppy. Since then, they have created a special bond.

That is why, when Janine offered to help, the man asked to pick up his dog and give him a second chance at life. The girl at that moment realized that she could not leave the man in this situation and began raising funds for him and his pet. All this was so that Herbert can get a foster home.

The money began to flow into the account. Very soon there was already $ 24,000 there. With this money, the man settled with his dog in a hostel.

A few days later, new owners were found for Malyk. These were farmers who were touched by the story of Herbert and his pet. The man went to the farm to find out what his friend’s future home would be like. It was absolutely amazing there – a lot of space and other friendly animals. The dog will be very happy there. Malik will be taken away after Herbert’s death.

Now the fundraising is already closed. And if Herbert passes away before he spends everything, they will be sent to charity.

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