The dog that was once shunned and stigmatized for being ugly now has a miraculous transformation into a cute little dog and lives a happy life. Hu

Blondie is a female dog that was brought to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control with severe skin issues in late October of last year. The dog resembled a small mummy; she was bald, frail, and covered in scabs; she scarcely resembled a dog, and her position was concerning.

The small chihuahua was on the verge of being euthanized due to her health, but the shelter’s workers refused.

They hoped Blondie might recover, so they made a video begging for aid on social media.

Caitlin and co-founder Elli Smith traveled to the shelter right away to meet Blondie and assist her in her recuperation.Caitlyn explained:

“We were eager to meet her. We were escorted by the kennel personnel, and her skin was far worse than we had anticipated. I’m not sure how

They brought her to the vet for several testing, dubbing her Blondie along the way in the hopes that she would eventually develop a lovely golden coat.

The vet determined that Blondie had demodex mange, among other issues, based on the findings of the testing.

Caitlin brought Blondie home after she was freed from the veterinary facility, where she soon made friends with the other dogs. Despite her comfort with dogs, Blondie was terrified of people as a result of her ordeal.

“It was now his secure haven.” That night, there were a lot of happy tears.”Blondie’s skin began to heal over time, as did the scars in her heart and her faith in humanity.

Blondie, who had previously been a little “mummy,” began to grow fur, much to the delight of her carer. Caitlin saw that the dog was not blonde like her name, but rather brunette, which was the right hue for the adorable chihuahua.Caitlyn explained:

His little body has battled valiantly. When her gorgeous fur began to grow, she shocked us all ».

Blondie’s future looks bright right now; she’s started running, playing, and sharing with her adoptive siblings.

It was believed that he would never trust anybody again, but the first good reaction came one night when he was getting his nightly bath.

Caitlyn explained:

“I anticipated him to flee to his safe place when I removed the towel, as he always did.” She took a few steps away from me that night, but then she turned around and crawled back on my lap ».

to describe the severity of her skin problem.”

They decided to take her with them after meeting her and do all of the essential operations for Blondie’s recovery.

Many individuals responded positively to the video, including the Sky Sanctuary Rescue, which decided to take action.

Sky Sanctuary Rescue co-founder Caitlin Beall told The Dodo:

“We really gasped when we watched the footage of her at the county shelter. In her kennel, she appeared wobbly and terrified of her. We realized she needed to go as soon as possible.”

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