The Dog Had A Strange Fear Caused By The Owner And The Painful Truth

Asya, a poor dog, was treated badly and raised in very horrible conditions her whole life! She was very hesitant to do anything as she was bullied in a continuous way! But everything changed when a rescuer named Elena heard about her and went to help her.

According to Animal Shelter, the dog was very shy when Elena arrived as she just appeared from behind the door in a very shy way. That’s when Elena knew she had to help. She was able to convince the owners to take Asya to a vet clinic when they knew that she had a deformed skull!

She had many wounds on her body and was walking in a circle. She then looked concerned because she didn’t know what was going on.

Her skull was misshapen, probably a blow to the head. Part of the brain was missing and many areas were filled with fluid. She was very scared when a hand was raised above her head. Then she panicked and lay on her side. She needed to be prescribed vitamins and medicine in hopes that part of her cortex will be regenerated.

Her reflexes were better. She loved to be stroked, probably never got to do it. Her mood had improved too, she had to find her happiness again.

Everything was going very well. She loved to run around and play with people. She enjoyed the simple things that was her freedom.

Finally the end that everbody loves, the day she has been waiting for has come, she found a forever family and she now leads a happy life. She has a house where there are people who love her love and take care of her. She deserves the best

And that beautiful life is just beginning

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