The Dog Clings To The Shores Of Lake Lytham After Bеing Cаught In Thе Wаtеr аT Night

After being stuck in the water overnight, a dog was rescued from a lake near Lytham.

The German Shepherd dog was observed hanging to the banks of Fairhaven Lake early this morning (March 25). Lancashire Police, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, and members of the public assisted in rescuing the dog. The dog is safe and has been turned over to the local RSPCA.

The Veterinary Health Centre is caring for the dog, and the owner will be required to produce documentation that the dog is theirs. Police said they will also undertake inquiries near the lake in an attempt to find the dog’s owner. They have issued an information request.

“We are aware of the incident circulating on social media concerning a dog (German Shepherd) that was stuck in the water at Fairhaven Lake this morning and had been in the water all night,” a Fylde Police spokeswoman said.

“We can confirm that the dog was saved by our colleagues from Lancs Fire & Rescue along with other members of the public which was a terrific result.

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