Terrified rescue dog hides in the corner facing the wall until her soulmate comes along

Contrary to what people think, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine at animal shelters.

They’re not better off at shelters.

Chloe was abandoned at the shelter and, as a result, is always afraid and distrustful of everyone. To avoid everyone, she hides and buries her hands in a corner of the shelter.

Shira from Animal Rescue Mission discovered Chloe via the Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs Instagram account. They were hoping that the previous owner would return and retrieve her from the shelter.

Or, if they don’t, they’re looking for kind people to foster the poor dog.

And someone stepped forward! Darvish was referred to Shira by a friend to foster Chloe and remove her from the traumatic shelter.

Shira, Darvish, and Karl, a dog trainer, went to the shelter to pick up Chloe about a week and a half after the post about her appeared.

She didn’t want to leave at first. She kept peering out the door, unsure whether she should go in.

Shira grabbed Chloe’s leash and tried to entice her to come out. Darvish even sat on the ground to make Chloe feel more at ease.

Chloe trusted Shira and Darvish enough to walk out with them after a few encouraging nudges.

She wasn’t doing well when she finally went inside the car. The roads they traveled on were quite bumpy, and she became scared once more. She looked for a corner to hide in, but there were none.

She ended up curled up in the backseat with Shira, who continued to caress her.

Shira did everything she could to make Chloe feel better. It also worked! Chloe was getting closer to Shira all the time. Shira even got a mini-kiss from her!

They had another fight when they arrived at Darvish’s house.

Chloe had just settled into Darvish’s car. And now she had to get out of the house and go somewhere new.

They didn’t want to force Chloe out of the car, so they waited until she was ready to leave on her own.

Chloe got out of the car and walked into Darvish’s house an hour later.

Darvish explained, “We just let her run around the house.” “She discovered this corner in my bedroom and refused to come out of it.” So I let her stay for the first day, and that’s how we began.”

Darvish and Chloe’s journey was slow. Darvish, on the other hand, was determined to gain Chloe’s trust.

He placed her bed in that corner to make her feel at ease. Then, on the third day, he sat next to her. He was able to stay the entire day with her because he worked from home. He wanted to reassure her that everything would be fine and that he would not harm her.

He noticed that Chloe began to trust him and became attached to him a few days later.

She’d follow him around wherever he went. Even if he was working, she’d be by his side. Darvish knew he couldn’t abandon her now.

He legally adopted Chloe and gave her the name Mira.

Watch the video below to witness how Chloe became a scared shelter dog to a loved Mira living with her soulmate.

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