Tears of a heartbroken dog being saved minutes before off to meat marke

A heartbroken dog cried as he realized his time was running out. But his heroes arrived just in time to prevent him from becoming a cup of soup as a result of the meat market.

Approximately 10,000 puppies were put to sleep in Asia in the past, but that figure has since fallen to 1,000.

Still, pictures of confined dogs waiting to end up on a plate of food are difficult to accept in the Western world, where the dog is considered man’s closest friend.

The dog cried for everything it had gone through, but also for the relief of knowing it had been saved.

He was kept in a filthy cage with 50 other people of his type. All with the same fate: death and the subsequent commercialization of their meat for human consumption.

This occurred following the filing of a complaint by volunteers from Humane Society International, who traveled to the slaughterhouse in the South Korean city of Yongin to intervene.

The operation to rescue Robin from this dreadful situation was carried out in collaboration with other local pro-animalist organizations.

And, despite numerous limitations, laws, and experiences, many merchants continue to conduct this heinous act for profit.

It is possible to see the rescue of the old puppy through an amazing video. He, who, aside from being jailed, drank only a few drops of water and ate only a pinch of food.

When they led him away, the rescuers were saddened to see his eyes bathed in tears, possibly tears of resignation to his fate, or perhaps tears of gladness at having been spared by these great and generous people.

“When we took it out, Robin was crying. I don’t know whether sadness or joy, but his eyes were moist”, said one of the members of Humane Society International.

Never again would I have to be depressed about a tragic fate, or hungry and forlorn.

The animals’ fate was unknown following the destruction of the hellish and completely covert farm dedicated to the dog meat trade.

The most definite thing is that they would have been sacrificed if the foundation had not taken urgent action in support of animal rights.

They shared the experience with us through a social media post that received a lot of favorable feedback.

Like him, 50 more specimens were rescued, all of which were found in very bad condition. Others, though, were not so fortunate.

Fortunately, these fluffy animals, who have been taken to a veterinary facility, will only receive positive news from now on. They will begin therapy to regenerate their physical and emotional integrity as they wait for a family that will treat them with love and respect. What they are due.

“Ultimately, we will seek an ideal home for each one that will make them happy and integrate them into a good adopting family.” They add from the foundation.

Animals are not responsible for their birth, being born on the streets, being sick, or being victims of people who have little or no judgment.

Fortunately, it appears to be raising awareness about correct animal treatment; although some may still refuse to listen, there will always be decent individuals prepared to protect their rights.

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