Tear-jerking moment sick dog ‘waves goodbye’ to its owner before shuffling closer and lying down to die

This is the heartbreaking moment a dying dog appears to wave goodbye to its owner.

The six-year-old Alaskan Malamute had been taken to the vets in Jinzhong, in Shanxi Province, northern China, where tumours were discovered growing on its liver.

Footage, filmed on January 20 and shared on social media, shows the dog lying on his side and looking up at its owner, identified only as Ms Xu.

As it lies on the counter, with an IV line in one leg, the poorly pet moves its front paws back and forth in a waving motion.

The dog, whose name has not been revealed, then rolls over and shuffles closer to the camera before lying down again at the end of the 15-second clip.

It died shortly afterwards, according to reports.

Ms Xu – who adopted her beloved Alaskan Malamute in 2015 – said the animal’s health drastically declined within a week of him falling ill.

The dog was reportedly in a lot of pain, with a swollen abdomen, and the decision was made by vets to put it down.

Ms Xu said that she believed that her beloved pet was waving goodbye to her before dying, after she told it: ‘If you feel uncomfortable, just leave, don’t endure it.’

The heartbreaking video has since been shared widely and users have sent their condolences to the owner.

One viewer wrote: ‘The most fearful thing for pet owners is the moment of parting.’

Another said: ‘It’s just that he can’t speak, but he actually understands everything.’

One more added: ‘I really can’t watch this kind of thing with hairy children.’

Another said: ‘Dogs are very spiritual animals,’ while another added: ‘It’s so sad. I hope the dog will be a human in the next life. Every dog finds a good owner.’

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