T.“Enchanting Alaskan Malamutes Create a Harmonious Chorus During Car Ride to the Groomer”

Everyone loves a good singalong in the car, right? These Alaskan Malamutes are no exception. While being chauffeured to their grooming appointment this trio breaks into an adorable example of canine car karaoke. Apparently, singing is not a hobby only for humans.

Different dog breeds come with various typical behavior traits. As an example, some feel compelled to herd all living creatures into small areas (much to the chagrin of the household cat), while others must stare and point persistently at anything remotely resembling a prey animal (again, not fun for the family feline).

One of the characteristic mannerisms for Alaskan Malamutes is a tendency to be talkative, and these three are a convincingly robust example of their breed. But sometimes it’s not possible to achieve full expression through mere talking alone. That’s when we must break out in song.

The cacophony inside the car surely tests the patience of their human chauffeurs, but apparently this is a common occurrence in their family, who reveal that this happens a couple times daily. There is no reason to resist it. A dog’s got to be a dog, and when driving a trinity of Alaskan Malamutes, you just have to accept that they won’t be muted. They simply must sing ‘the song of their people.’

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