Street Adorable Puppy Found With Huge Hernia On Her Belly

According to Star Network Rescue, RRSA India got a call about tiny Puppy. The Puppy was suffering with a giant Mass. They named her Raahi.

Her mass was so large she could not rest comfortably in normal position. Raahi was street puppy. she was all alone without anyone to care for her. Raahi was very tiny and brave.

The Mass that huge from Raahi’s Belly was very large. It looked like giant tumor. Raahi was immediately transferred for medical treatment.

However, upon careful inspection, the Vet team suspected that the large mass was an inguinal hernia. The Veterinary team anesthetized Raahi for multiple procedures.

As per Veterinary, the surgery was safest option even though she was tiny. After Surgery was completed, Raahi had been sewed up. She also had two loose molars removed.

Raahi just needed to take rest for while. Raahi was in beautiful shelter and her care was taken by shelter staff.

Next two day after the surgery, she was very weak. But she was now much happier and much healthier.

After few days, The staff noted that she seemed much more comfortable. Especially, when lying down, she no longer had a giant mass to contend with. She made speedy recovery.

Raahi recovered from the surgery and became a bouncy, energetic little puppy.It was clear she was feeling much better.

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