Starving Dog Found On a Sidewalk Nearly Passing Away Transformed To A New Dog After Receiving Love

Spirit Golden Heart is a pit bull found starving on the streets of Los Angeles by LAPD officers.

Ghetto Rescue’s website reported: ,,She was just hours away from passing away, with huge ticks feeding on her starving body and maggots thriving in her open wounds. We named her Spirit Golden Heart because we saw strength in her.” Rescuers quickly took Spirit to the vet, where the healing process began. After numerous infusions, blood transfusions, multiple doctor visits and days in the hospital, her red blood cell count has greatly increased and her protein level has stabilized.

Her adoptive mother loves her and says she is a ,,chubby little parlor girl”.

,,She deserves a comfortable life. You deserve the best, Spirit!”
Rescuers took Spirit to the vet and discovered she was suffering from polyarthritis.

The dog gained weight and her blood tests got better after a lot of treatment.

Her new mother loves her and said that she became a chubby couch potato.

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