Starving Dog Found Dying On A Sidewalk Gets Some Love, And It’s Hard To Believe It’s The Same Dog

Meet Spirit Golden Heart, a pit bull dog who LAPD officers discovered starving to death on the streets of Los Angeles. According to Ghetto Rescue’s website, “She was hours away from death with enormous fat ticks feasting off her starved body and maggots growing in open wounds,” says boredpanda.

Since we were aware of her strength, we gave her the name Spirit Golden Heart (can you see the golden heart on her body?). Spirit’s recovery process started when the rescuers hurried her to the veterinarian. The doggie’s polyarthritis was soon identified, along with fevers and swollen joints.

“Her red blood count is considerably higher and her protein level has stable after getting a tremendous quantity of IV fluids, blood transfusions, multiple medical visits, and many days in the hospital.” The dog weighed 46 pounds at last check, had excellent blood work, and was going off of medication.

She is loved by her foster mother, who describes her as a “chubby couch potato,” therefore she deserves a good life. Spirit, you deserve the best!

Meet Spirit Golden Heart, a pit bull puppy that LAPD police discovered roaming the city’s streets.

“She had big, huge ticks, and she was hours from death… and open wounds are excellent for maggots.

Spirit was brought to the veterinarian, where the rescuers found out she had polyarthritis.

The doggy gained some weight and her blood tests improved following several days of medication.

Her foster mom adores her and says she became a “chubby couch potato”

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