She Tossed Out Of The Car To Busy Highway And Despite Knowing That, She Kept Waiting For Her Owner To Come Back For Her

She crawled from the busy highway’s center to the side. There was evidence that she had been tossed from a car. Thousand people passed by but no one saw her. She waited for so long until a good Samaritan came out to help.

She was terrified and had no idea why she was there. She appeared to be waiting for the owner who had thrown her out. Fortunately, there are no fractures or dislocations.

Her hip used to be broken and boiled. Her hemogram is a bit bad. But her biochemistry is good, liver and kidney values are clean, and her quadruple test is also clean.

They’ve shaved her entire body and bathed her in medicated shampoo.

She regains her spirit and trusts her rescuers. She is now fully recovered and able to walk. Thank you for all of your help and donations in saving her life.

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