She Helplessly Watched The Owner Who Was Disappearing At The End Of The Road

This poor mother was thrown by the roadside with her 2 children. Someone had tied her up carefully. They were tied up in the rain. 2 children were crying because of hunger and cold. The sad, helpless mother looked at her two innocent children. She also cried.

What is their purpose? Do they want to kill them? Or they are afraid of her running after them.

The girl was extremely malnourished. She was worried. She was still watching from afar, to the end of the road. There her owner just passed away. She was terribly ill, with a large wound on her leg.

A groupe of volunteers from silivricanlari found them after they rescued another 5 orphans puppies. All were taken to the clinic. They will be taken care of in a timely manner.

“Today is a really bad day. We met another unhappy family. 5 small puppies are suckling mother’s milk. But the mother is dead. Innocent children are missing their mother very much. Human indifference is appalling.”

The poor children ate some. They need to be warmed. Although not a beautiful mother, she accepted the orphans.

Five days later, this amazing mom is getting better. She is such a kind mother. The health of the children has been much better. However, the mother dog will be cared for for a while.

After a month in care, the mother become full of health and was ready for adoption. She deserves a better life with a great owner.

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