She Didn’t Leave Puppy’s Side Even When Nobody Wanted To Get Attached To Him Because He Was Sick

When this poor boy was finally rescued, he was in such bad shape that he almost didn’t look like a dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

To say he was emaciated would be a big understatement.

He was so malnourished and anemic that he could hardly stand.

He was completely exhausted and could barely keep his eyes open.

The rescue of this dog was coming to an end, but the rescuers didn’t give up.

Veterinary staff gave the dog a blood transfusion and fed it intravenously. His body was lacking essential nutrients, including iron.

Aware that his condition was far from stable, his rescuer stayed with him as a precaution. He had difficulty keeping warm because he had no body fat, so his caregiver gave him a warm coat.

He was happy and finally feeling better. It is amazing what a little affection and love can do for a dog that has always been left to its own devices.

Slowly his health is improving. It is a slow process, but every step forward is a step in the right direction! He now has the energy to walk and explore. He is also making new friends.

The dog loves his new family!

After a month, his hair starts to grow back. He starts to look like a healthy puppy. He even plays and wags his tail. But the best thing is that he is so happy! His rescuer has decided to adopt him and give him all the love he needs.

The puppy grabs his favorite toy, a teddy bear, and happily takes it with him, wagging his tail. Everyone who visits him is amazed by his progress.

From a living skeleton to a happy and healthy puppy in just four weeks!

Good medical care is important, but it is never easy to get, especially for stray dogs in disadvantaged areas. We are so grateful that this puppy was rescued in time and continues to thrive in his new family.

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