Rescue Tiny, Dying of Thirst, Innocent Puppies Dumped During Heatwave

Love furry friends received a video from a follower about dying little puppies, he said someone dumped them at the park.

The puppies hid from the hot weather in the bushes, one of the passersby has already fed them with pies.

The pups are only 3-4 weeks old, they were stolen from their mother and left to survive. At this age, they have no chance to survive without help. They don’t even realize they’re in danger…

Volunteers from Love Furry Friends went there for them, there were three children trying to help the puppies. The children told the volunteer that there were 9 Puppies but one of the passersby had already adopted one puppy.

The weather was really hot and the puppies have been without water for long time.

They gave them water and load them one by one to into the car. All of them were healthy and had no problems accept fleas , so they gave them a bath with flea shampoo.

In the next day their rescuer took them to the Vet clinic for the checkup. They are 4 boys and 4 girls. They were examined, vaccinated and had their manicure done. They also made them pet passports.

They’re so beautiful and joyful puppies and everyone has a great appetite. Because the great work of the Love furry Friends volunteers the puppies lived and they’re now changed so much. They have good food, clean water, toys, a soft bed and most important, they have a chance to find families, to be adopted and loved.

If you like to adopt one of them, please feel free to contact Love Furry Friends in their YouTube channel from here or their email: [email protected] .

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