Rejected for Years, Old Dog Accepts No One Will Adopt Him & Shuts Himself Down

Dreadlock was a 6-year-old severely neglected dog when he arrived at a Thailand shelter. His filthy, matted coat was in dreads and he had a host of skin problems, but the diligent staff at “Soi Dog Foundation” worked hard to restore his health and get him ready for adoption, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Dreadlock always had a very quiet personality. So despite being a cuddly and affectionate dog, potential adopters would repeatedly overlook him. Over the years, Dreadlock accepted that he might never find a home. He shut himself down and restricted himself to a corner in the shelter.

We see a volunteer walking toward the 10-year-old Dreadlock. A family in the UK has adopted Dreadlock through the shelter’s international program, and the volunteer breaks the good news to the dog. The moment Dreadlock understands that someone has finally picked him, he magically transforms into a “little puppy”!

Dreadlock tears up as he skips around happily and celebrates his dream coming true! The shelter staff had never seen the senior dog getting excited over anything, so this was a really special and rare sight for them. We hope Dreadlock comfortably settles into his new home and keeps smiling for the rest of his days!


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