Puppy whose tail was cut off with scissors finds a forever home

A little pup whose tail was cut off with scissors has at last tracked down the caring home he merits.

Smouse lived in the township of De Doorns in South Africa. Fortunately, she didn’t live there long before Sidewalk Specials stepped in and rescued her from her abusive home.

Before she was rescued, her owner had cut off her tail with scissors (a horrific practice called “tail docking”), causing her pain and distress.

The tail wound eventually became infected and little Smouse needed a rescuer, and fast.

Her rescuer came in the form of Sidewalk Specials. The rescue organisation stepped in, snatched her from her abusive owner and set to work healing her, both physically and mentally.

Although Smouse’s story had a difficult start, she is now thriving in life! The little dog has overcome so much trauma and hardship, and has even found the forever home she so richly deserves.

Whereas her old home left her out in the dust with an open wound and infection, her new home spoils her with lots of toys, play time and healthy socialisation with other dogs.

It’s clear that she really has found the perfect place in a family and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Watch her rescue story in the video below:

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