Puppy Using Trash Bag As A Bed Entirely Transforms With A Little TLC

Stella had been homeless for nearly two years. She used whatever she could locate to sleep on, including trash bags. Someone would give the stray a chance because she had so much love to give.

Then, the 1-year-old’s good luck transformed for the better– and it’s apparent by her amazing transformation.

Heather Martin was looking to add a new furry member to her family when she discovered Stella and realized they had to meet.

“A colleague told me about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, so my husband and I looked them up,” Martin told The Dodo. “We fell in love with Stella right away.”

Martin wanted Stella, the “caring, wonderful, playful, curious super chewer who loves to be in the sun,” to join her family right away, but Stella needed veterinary care first.

” Stella was left at a dump and in some way survived sleeping on trash can and eating whatever she could locate,” Martin said. “She had severe mange, as well as roundworms, hookworms, and scabies.” She weighed only 9 pounds when they found her.”

Stella was taken to her new home after receiving clinical treatment. Martin’s love completely transformed the once homeless dog’s appearance.

The experience resulted in another adoption from the rescue– a dog named Lulu– to ensure that Stella can have a sibling to mature with. Martin’s life is given new hope by Stella’s “cuddle bug” personality.

” Stella has actually been a ray of sunshine,” Martin claimed.

” She recognizes when we need love and will certainly cuddle us. She only wants love and is truly the best.”

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