Puppy Miraculously Survives 65 Days In The Desert After A Terrible Car Crash

A dog that was lost for over two months in the desert of Arizona was finally found. One-year-old Ily is said to have run off the highway after a car crash that seriously injured the dog’s owner and killed another dog in the vehicle. Ily jumped through the windshield and ran away.

Rose Sharman, Ily’s owner, never gave up hope that Ily was alive. Sharman also went through the windshield in the crash and is now recovering and using a wheelchair for the time being.

“I missed her the most at night because she hugged me all night,” said Sharman.

Volunteers searched the desert looking for Ily since the dog ran away, but there was no luck until about a week ago. They reported seeing two dogs together about three miles away from where the crash occurred. Volunteers took turns watching for the dogs. They put chicken in a cage in hopes Ily would come and listened for sounds of activity with a baby monitor.

When they heard some noises and barking, they sent a picture to Sharman. She couldn’t believe it was Ily! Although Ily lost about 25 pounds in the two months and suffered from dehydration, she is doing well.

“She jumped on my lap and wagged her tail and started crying,” Sharman said of the reunion. Sharman believes Ily survived because she paired up with another stray dog in the desert. They used their natural instincts and survival skills to survive together.

The other dog was rescued and sent to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. Workers there were able to locate the dog’s owner as well. They nicknamed this dog “Buddy.” What a good ending to this story!

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