Puppy Commands People To Follow Her And Help Her Sick Sister

These precious puppies were left in a horrible and frightening place just because they were sick. The owner chose to let them alone instead of taking care of them.

They are very young and cannot do anything for themselves. Moreover, they are thrown into the waters of a farm with no way out.

When the little ones heard voices approaching them, they thought their master was coming to get them. They were all excited, but then they were always disappointed.

What a terrible way to live!

The only thing that helped them was to hug each other. They comforted each other with hugs and kisses.

Finally someone heard about the puppies. A very kind man wanted to help them. It was a very poor area and he had very little money, but he came, climbed the wall and brought them food and water. Then he called an animal welfare organization. He had no money to take them to the vet himself.

Rescuers arrived and were eager to help. They climbed up and ran to the puppies. They were very sad to see how young they were and how sick they were. One of the puppies but the other one ran away. He stopped and looked at the rescuers as if asking them to follow him.

The little puppy leads rescuers to his other sibling. The one who didn’t survive. She had succumbed to hunger and cold. Although she passed away, the surviving sister tries to wake her up with her little paws.

She puts her arms around her sister and brings her face close to hers. It is a very touching sight. They have to get the puppy out to save her and her other little sibling. They are sorry that they are too late for the third puppy.

Now is the time to take them to a friendly medical center and give them the help they need. First they are tested for diseases.

Skin abrasions indicate that they are suffering from Demodex scabies. Fortunately, this problem is treatable. The vet says it’s particularly cruel to abandon them because it’s a treatable disease. Why not do the right thing and put them in a shelter, we’ll never understand!

After a few months of care and life in foster care, the puppies are healthy and happy!

They were adopted by a loving family who kept the siblings together. After all they had been through together, no one wanted to separate them!

We are horrified by their abandonment and cruel adoption, but we are also very grateful that they were rescued. Yes, it was too late for the other sibling, but we have to focus on the positives.

Two lives were saved and they are fine now.

You can see their full story below! And don’t forget to spread the message that this kind of negligence will not be tolerated!

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