Poor Dog Found with Rotting Face and Eyes

He might have been dumped for a long time. He was found suffering from life-threatening wounds. His face was terribly rotten. He would have not survived another hour if nobody helped him.

A volunteer managed to take him to Tonrak animal hospital. The doctor said he had nasal cancer that spread all over his face and eyes. His treatment was so complicated and he also needed multi-chemo treatments.

After 75 days in the best vet’s hand, he is much better but he could not see at all. The wounds on his face were dried and healing. His physical body and spirit are stronger.

They said his lacrimal ducts were damaged. The eye surgery may cause he cries all time and have red eyes. It will be harder to take care of him.

He’s now still in veterinary care. His caregivers gave him all the needs and cuddle love. We pray for him to fully recovered to run again happy and joyful.

We’re so thankful for the help of everyone and all donations that covered his medical bills. Keep him in your prayer and share his story.

Watch the video below:

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