Poor dog exhausted after swimming nearly 130 miles to shore in hopes of rescue and good luck. Hu

One of the employees, Vitisak Payalaw, quickly took his camera and started capturing what he saw. According to Payalaw’s facebook post, they saw his head while the dog was swimming towards their platform. Luckily, it was a rather calm afternoon and the waves were small, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to see him.

Workers tried to think of ways to rescue him but they were also racing against time since the waves were getting bigger and bigger. They finally decided to tie a rope around him and pull him in.

According to Payalaw, when the dog was clinging to the pole but he didn’t make any noise and was absolutely exhausted.

Now the puppy has been given all the necessary mineral supplements and is feeling a lot better

He was then taken to vets in Songkhla, southern Thailand where they will do further tests to check if everything is ok with his health.

He also added he is looking forward to spending many years together with him. The puppy was given the name Boonrod which in Thai means “making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future.”

This story, that many call a miracle, quickly spread online and despite many people offering their help, Vitisak has declared he will not be accepting any donations.

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