Physically Challenged Iranian Artist Becomes Internet Sensation By Drawing Portraits Using Only Her Feet

What can you say of a 28-year-old artist who is 85 percent paralyzed and paints using two toes of her right foot? A genius, we’re sure. This young artist is Fateme Hamami Nasrabadi, an Iranian, who is making waves across the world creating amazing portraits of her favorite celebs.

For the physically challenged, performing routine mundane tasks is an uphill task, but Fateme is made of sterner stuff. She found the strength and perseverance to follow her heart and become an artist, despite her debilitating handicap. Since her very childhood, she has remained passionate about drawing and she followed her dream of taking up painting and drawing professionally when she was just 16!

What’s more, Fateme is also a diehard football fan and loves Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. She took it upon herself to paint the portraits of these two great footballers. She said in an interview, “My interest in football made me draw portraits of famous world football players, including Ronaldo and Messi. My friends helped me send a photo of the portraits to La Liga. La Liga appreciated this and sent me a Real T-shirt.”The Portuguese football star, Ronaldo, even promised Fateme that he would personally see her work, whenever he visits Iran.

Fateme, despite her limitations, dreams big and wants to earn global fame. Says she, “I want to become so famous that everyone who comes to Iran comes to me and see my work.”Till date, Fateme has sketched and painted portraits of many celebrities in addition to that of her football icons. She’s done portraits of celebs, such as the world-famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin, the famous Iranian actor Mehran Modiri, the Iranian football legend Ali Daeiand even the Indian Bollywood icon, Shahrukh Khan, among others. Besides portraits, she also loves to paint birds and animals.

It comes as no surprise that Fateme has held many exhibitions of her works in and around Tehran. Her ultimate dream is to own an art gallery of her own and become world famous. The love she receives from people of her country and the world is certain to make her dream come true.

She became an internet sensation when she uploaded an amazing portrait of Portuguese footballer on Instagram that went viral. Incidentally, she enjoys a fan following of over 96,000 on this social media platform.


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