On His Way To School, Boy Stops To Hug Freezing Stray Dogs Believing No One Is Watching

Someone ever said: “Kindness is free”. And it is absolutely true with this story. A boy was caught on camera hugging two stray dogs while they were trying to warm themselves under the sun. Well, we have been hearing many stories about humans helping out stray animals, but this boy knows better than any of us how to show sympathy and kindness.

The boy, later known as Ibrahim, lived in the city of Grozny, Chechnya. He noticed the poor dogs while he was rushing to his school in the early morning. It was in the winter, and the dogs were lying next to each other, hoping the little sunlight can keep them warm and safe from freezing weather.

Ibrahim could easily continue his way and ignore the two unfortunate souls, but instead, he stopped to give them a sweet embrace thinking that no one was watching. We can’t imagine how the little boy could hug them with so much love and compassion. When he was about to leave, Ibrahim realized one of the dogs still needed some cuddles. So, he gave it one more hug.

While the boy acted instinctively, someone witnessed the adorable moment and capture it in the sweetest video ever. Watch the video here:

The video soon became viral since it was posted on the Internet. One of Ibrahim’s neighbors realized him and wrote a comment about the kind boy: “I saw the video. That’s Ibrahim. He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very kind boy.”

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