Man Holds His Paraplegic Dog In His Arms To Enjoy The Rain

Having a dog means that you have to give them everything you can in order to give them a great life. So, when Alvin, Agea Santos’ dog, suffered a stroke that left him unable to stand up like before, the owner promised himself not to leave his pet, and take care of him all the time.

One of Alvin’s favorite times before he was struck was playing in the water and running under the rain. One day, it was raining, so, the Brazilian owner did not just want his dog to lose these moments and held him in his arms to let him enjoy the rain.

You can see this heartwarming moment in the video the owner shared on Instagram. The owner said that his dog used to love enjoying the rain, so, he did not want him miss this moment.

The owner also added that the dog is getting better every day with the physiotherapy, but till he is able to stand and walk by himself, he will never let him miss his favorite moments. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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