Mama Dog with Huge Abscess on Her Necƙ Fights to Stay Aliνe for Her puppies

A sick street dog was attempting to care for her puppies while fighting a horrible infection that was generating a massive protrusion in her neck.

When Animal Aid Unlimited, India arrived to assist her, the bulge was revealed to be “an large abscess – an infection beneath the skin around her throat packed with pus.”

“She was emaciated and haggard, suffering from weakness as her body tried to combat the dreadful virus while caring for tiny puppies,” they said.

“She was eating and on her way to recovery within hours of the treatment.”

“Meet Molly today, now spayed and vaccinated and busy raising her kids…” Molly was able to nurse her puppies again after a few days of rest!

Molly made an incredible recovery. In the video below, you can see her complete recovery and care for her pups:

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