Malnourished, burned body, a poor dog’s brave journey to find a second hope of life. phan

Majò’s story is both horrifying and inspiring. A video of her malnourished and injured body brings tears to the eyes of anyone who witnesses it. She was found on the side of the highway, skin and bones, with a broken front left paw, a back right leg that couldn’t bear weight, and healed wounds that looked like old burns. She had clearly had at least one litter of puppies in the past.

Thankfully, there were people who refused to let her die slowly on the side of the road. They named her Majò and committed to helping her recover. It was clear that she had a long road ahead of her, but they were optimistic and determined to see her through it.

After just a week, there were signs of progress. Majò was able to stand and walk a little, and her wounds were slowly healing. A visit to the vet revealed that she was healthy, except for the wounds from her abuse. Her pelvis was believed to be broken, but it was too early to confirm with an x-ray.

Two weeks later, Majò was looking better every day. Her wounds were healing well, and she was on a steady diet of puppy kibble, chicken, and rice, along with antibiotics. She was happy and playing with other dogs, and her front left leg was nearly completely healed.

By day 80, Majò had made remarkable progress. Her wounds had healed, and she had been spayed and x-rayed. The x-ray revealed a badly healed broken femur and nerve damage in her foot, which caused her to walk on the top of her foot. The vet recommended amputation, which was a difficult decision, but ultimately necessary for her to live a happy and healthy life.

After amputation, Majò was healed as much as she could be. She now has permanent scars from her abusers, but she is a fighter and has a smile on her face. Her ideal home would have a confident but compassionate and patient handler, with easy access to a yard or garden. She is afraid to go through doorways if someone is standing in them but will approach for attention if she feels the individual is kind.

Majò’s story is a reminder of the resilience and strength of animals, even in the face of unimaginable cruelty. It is also a testament to the power of human compassion and determination to help those who cannot help themselves.

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