Loyal Dog Waits On Bridge For Days After Loved One Jumps Off

Dogs are the best companions because they’re always there for us. They’ll stick by our sides through every high and low in life. In most cases, this is an endearing quality. However, there are unfortunate circumstances where a dog might almost seem too loyal.

This was the case for a heartbroken dog in China, who witnessed his loved one jump off a bridge. Instead of letting other humans help him grieve, he sat there for four days on end, waiting for his human to return. The poor dog refused to admit that his loving parent was gone.

Saying Goodbye

When we lose a loved one, it’s difficult to accept that they’re really gone at first. The same is true for dogs. They often don’t understand where their human went, so they spend a lot of time waiting for them to come back. For the dog on the bridge, he hoped that his parent would climb back up and pet him again.

When staff came to do repairs on the bridge, they spotted the grieving dog. They were unsure how long the dog had been there, so they decided to look into it. After further investigation, officials looked at footage from the bridge. One night, they saw that a person had jumped off the bridge with the dog by their side. The recording was a bit blurry, but the jump seemed intentional since the person didn’t hesitate.

Officials were not able to identify the person in the video, but the dog was hopeful that his loved one was still alive. Ever since that moment, he had been sitting by the bridge. He didn’t know what else to do without his loving parent by his side. People tried to approach the dog to bring him to safety, but the dog would always run away, returning to the bridge later on.

Will He Find a New Home?

A local resident called Mr. Xu saw the dog on the bridge and wanted to help in any way possible. He brought food and water to the bridge, but the dog refused to accept it. When he called out to him, the dog didn’t respond. Mr. Xu wanted to adopt him and help cheer him up, but the pup refused to cooperate.

Finally, Mr. Xu was able to pick up the dog and put him in his car. However, as soon as the car door opened again, the dog bolted out and ran away. Mr. Xu and volunteers from the local animal shelter searched long and hard for the dog, but he still hasn’t been located. Officials encourage everyone near the Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, China to keep an eye out for the little dog.

Mr. Xu is hopeful that the dog will return. He said that even as the little dog ran off, he kept looking back as if he was thinking twice about it. It’s not that the dog doesn’t want a loving home, it’s just that he’s scared and confused. Anyone would be just as stressed if they had witnessed a horrifying event like this. Hopefully, someone will rescue the dog soon and help the rest of his life be calm and happy.

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