Loyal Dog Pushes His Owner In Wheelchair Safely Across Busy Road

Always dogs prove us how they are so useful and important in our life and we can find them in our darkest days, this dog one of milions example about how they are loyal, and how they like to serve us and try the best to make us happy.

This week, hearts melted in Ecatepec, Mexico, after a TikTok video showed a German shepherd service dog patiently waiting for the light to change before pushing his owner in a wheelchair across the street.

The dog crouched behind the wheelchair and pushed it forward before coming to a halt at the curb.

After the two safely crossed the road, they continued their walk down the busy sidewalk. TikTok user @brendabriones9 posted the heartwarming moment, as well as another fine example of a dog’s loyalty and love towards his ‘person,’ on the popular social media site. Brenda could be heard exclaiming, “Oh how beautiful,” after requesting that another pedestrian move so she could take a good video.

Animals don’t judge, don’t discriminate and don’t ridicule from afar. They demonstrate more humanity than the rest of us combined.

@brendabriones9 #lomashermoso#tierno que vi el dia de #hoy 🥹🧡#elmejoramigodelhombre ♬ sonido original – Brenda Briones

There is little doubt among pet owners that dogs give love and loyalty willingly . On social media, the viral video has received over 31 million views and 1.5 million likes.

We are very proud of our dogs.


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