Loving Labrador: A Dad-to-Be’s Journey of Caring for His Expectant Mate..dxp

Hey dads, do you remember how you supported your wife during her pregnancy? I bet you do! Those moments when you had to run errands and take care of all the household chores while she was pregnant. Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some spouses may not have been as lucky, but they can always watch this viral video of a Golden Retriever taking care of his partner during delivery. It’s heartwarming and adorable!

The video featuring these adorable Golden Retrievers became an instant sensation online. Initially, they were captured snuggled up next to each other while sleeping. The moment the woman woke up, one of the dogs immediately went to turn on the air conditioning unit to make their surroundings more comfortable.
Following that, he picked up a small basin in his mouth and made his way to the kitchen sink, where he placed it down and used his paw to turn on the faucet. He then proudly marched back to his companion, feeling quite pleased with himself.
When she finished her drink, he fetched her leash. Even though she was pregnant, it was still important for her to stay active. Rather than relying on their owner to take them both to the park, the dog decided to chew on the leash and accompany his mate on their exercise routine.

The fatherly canine had some free time to run other errands. During that period, he made his way to the kitchen to help out with his partner’s meal preparation. The menu of the day consisted of chicken, fish, shrimp, and a few greens, which sounded appetizing. Daddy dog also helped with the cleaning duties and even handled the garbage disposal.

During meal times, he displays gentlemanly behavior. Despite being famished after a hard day’s work, he allows his partner to eat her fill first as she is also nourishing their offspring. One evening, when he proposed a run after dinner, his partner declined and later went into labor. The couple’s pets sensed what was happening and quickly made a comfortable nest for her. What was once a room for just the two of them, now became a cozy home for their loving family.

As the mother retriever gave birth, her adorable puppies came out one by one. The owners made sure to clean them thoroughly before allowing them to feed on their mother’s milk. To help the mother recover from giving birth, she was given easily digestible meals while taking care of her pups.

The daddy dog, who was also a retriever, was proud to have sired seven healthy pups. Each of them wears a colorful collar that resembles a rainbow. With his new duty of taking care of his mate and their children, the daddy dog has taken on a bigger responsibility, watching over and keeping them all safe.

This adorable young pup has proven to be dependable, so we have no doubt that they will continue to do well. Check out the heartwarming video below to witness this loving golden retriever taking care of their entire family.

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